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Those are just a few things you can expect from Jada Rashawn. My overall mission is to help others live a life that is less stressful and more joyful by finding valuable products and resources
for young millennials, and parents that help them achieve that very thing. I wear several hats, but the mission is still the same.

For the past 10+ years I’ve grown a career in the professional Nanny industry helping successful families thrive in the home and in the office by holding down the fort managing all things relative to their children. When I wasn’t nannying, I was meeting with women who wanted one of the most popular protective beauty services still sought after today- hair extensions!

Today I’m still in both industries. I still protect women’s hair with extensions, and I still find amazing nannies for families. I’ve realized that its not about the work load more than it is about the work you’re doing. You gotta love it, and it’s gotta be bigger than you. I get to wake up and work with amazing individuals looking for nannies, protective hairstyles, and a number of brands who share a mission of minimizing the load in life for not only the modern day parent/caregiver but the everyday individual. You can find out more of all i’m involved with here, my social media platform, and on live Television every month.

This blog is my personal and professional journey. My story and the lessons I learn along the way. Empowering individuals to enjoy the journey they’re on, and to find the beauty in every part of it is what I hope every reader takes away from Jada Rashawn.


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No Other Nanny is my nanny staffing and personalized childcare hub. Your go to spot for only the best tips, and resources related to all things nanny, family, and child.

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Coffee is not only the ultimate pick me up, but also the ultimate conversation starter. If you're not meeting for drinks, you're meeting for coffee. Relationships are formed, and depending on the topic of discussion, a bit of nostalgia is developed as well making that special drink an important part of that particular moment. 
"Jada's Joe" is my youtube channel where we discuss all things that empower, inspire, and inform. From product reviews, tutorials, and heartfelt discussions, Jada's Joe is your new favorite place to have coffee!

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Whether I'm playing around in paint, or raving about a new product, watch me on ABC as I share fun and valuable resources beneficial to families, and caregivers!